Who Is Best Positioned To Become A Live Fresh Affiliate?

Any organization or individual that are already serving the homeless or are interested in expanding into this area and want to make an immediate impact.

We heard from many individuals and organizations across the country asking us about how we started and how they can start a Live Fresh mobile shower program in their community.  We do not have all the answers but are happy to share some what we have learned and experienced.


Gain insights and support

We spent months  learning about funding options, shower unit options, while developing community support, and building strategic partnerships with other homeless service providers.


Learn from others

When we began there was only one provider, but today there are  several organizations across the country that have launched mobile showers.  Review their sites to determine what is right for your organization and community.  Identify who and how many showers are available for the unsheltered homeless and working poor in your community.


Identify team

Identify 2-3 individuals who will “roll-up” their sleeves to make the project work.  If someone isn’t willing to clean showers they may not be the person.


Develop budget

Be realistic in your assumptions.


Identify grant providers in your area

Combine passion with realistic plans and start the journey on securing funding.


Hit the streets

Develop PITCH and begin building awareness and fundraising.

Let us know who you are and how you would like to get involved.  We will get back with you shortly.