Our Mission

Live Fresh Inc. is a low cost, mobile, turnkey solution that enables organizations and communities to provide homeless men, women, and children with a fresh shower, personal hygiene essentials and the opportunity to Live Fresh.  In doing this, we restore dignity and create a platform for refreshed communities, who generate fresh ideas, and begin embodying the notion: Feeling Revitalized Encourages Sustainable Happiness.


In March of 2016, long time friends Chris Bentley and Carlos Miller started Live Fresh Palm Beach County. Bentley and Miller were born and raised in Palm Beach. Educational & career pursuits landed both friends in New York City. Bentley was employed by and enrolled in a Master’s program at Columbia University and Miller was enrolled in a Master’s Program at New York University. While in New York, Chris and Carlos witnessed homelessness on a large scale. What was most concerning was how the homeless men, women, and children were treated, despite their obvious inability to transcend their current situation (whether it was their fault or not). That’s when they put their heads together and determined that dignity and feeling good could be achieved with something as simple as a shower. Having always felt a special connection to West Palm Beach, they decided to return home and start their mobile shower vision.


Bentley quickly learned the world of grant writing and developed a mission-based business plan. He also discovered that Impact The Palm Beaches was about to award their first $100,000 grant, and followed the necessary steps to present a grant proposal.  The mission of offering mobile showers to homeless mothers, fathers and children, was quickly embraced and Live Fresh was named Impact the Palm Beaches 2015 Grant Recipient, enabling the organization to purchase their very first unit.



Shortly after launching on March 31, 2016, Live Fresh Palm Beach County began to receive inquiries from the media as well as from individuals and homeless service providers from around the United States. Organizations wanted to know how they could use the Live Fresh model and best practices to begin restoring dignity in their communities.  Around this time, Chris Bentley was introduced to Richard Campillo, a retired Fortune 100 Senior Executive who was immediately impressed with the organization and had a heart for it's mission.  After just a couple of months of working together, Bentley and Campillo launched Live Fresh Inc., as a way to expand beyond the bounds of Palm Beach County.

The approach is to offer a low cost, mobile, turnkey solution that enables organizations and communities to provide showers to homeless men, women, and children across America, and provide dignity and the opportunity to Live Fresh: Feeling Revitalized Encourages Sustainable Happiness.



In July 2016 Live Fresh held an Open House in nearby Broward County and was able to secure commitment from Hope South Florida, a local faith based organization, to partner with us and operate the second Live Fresh mobile shower unit within Live Fresh’s first year of existence.